10 out of 32 CL participants known: in which Pot is Ajax, who can meet PSV?

The title party was already celebrated, but Ajax has now also finally crowned himself as Eredivisie champion. And that means that the Amsterdammers will also be active in the Champions League next season. Possibly the number two of the Eredivisie โ€” PSV still has the best papers โ€” will keep them company. Who can encounter the Dutch Champions League trumps Football First explains it.
Ajax As the Netherlands closed the 2019/2020 season as the number ten in Europe, the coming season will be able to send one club directly into the Champions League pool phase. Ajax is the lucky one and can now wait in suspense which Champions League pot it ends up in. The champions of England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France and Portugal come in Pot 1, along with the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League. The remaining participants will be undivided on the basis of the club industry, which will be drawn up on the basis of European achievements over the last five years. Between 2016 and 2021 Ajax has reached a total of 82,500: whether that is enough for Pot 2, is still a little to wait. By now ten clubs are sure of the billionaire ball.
Champions League 2020/2021 (virtual) Pot 1: Bayern Munich (134,000) *, Manchester City (120,000) *, Atlรฉtico Madrid (115,000) *, Internazionale (53,000), Sporting Portugal (45,500), Lille OSC (14,000), winner Champions League, winner Europa League.* = All sure of Champions League, but Not yet from the national title. Shake = Not yet sure of the Champions League and the title.
Other pots: Real Madrid (127,000), FC Barcelona (122,000), Sevilla (98,000), AJAX (82,500), Zenit Saint Petersburg (50,000), Dinamo Kiev (47,000) .Number two of Germany, number three of Germany, number four of Germany, number two of England, number three of England, number four of England, number two from Italy, number three from Italy, number four from Italy, number two from France, number two from Portugal, champion of Belgium, six preliminaries.
Ajax concludes the season as number seventeen of the UEFA club branch, but still has a good chance of finding a place in the highly occupied second pot: five higher ranked clubs โ€” Liverpool, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, AS Roma and Tottenham Hotspur โ€” are threatening to grab alongside Champions League football, even if Arsenal and AS Roma can still obtain a ticket through Europa League profit.
PSV Who will be the second Champions League club in the Netherlands is still waiting to see. If PSV ends above AZ, the Eindhovenaren will have to survive a few preliminaries before they can report to the Champions League pool phase. In principle, the number two of the Eredivisie is one of the six clubs that will play for non-champions in the second heat round at the end of July, along with the number two from Turkey, Austria, Denmark, Scotland and the Czech Republic.
Here, too, clubs are ranked according to their recent European achievements: the three highest ranked clubs have a placed status and are unable to meet during the draw. PSV โ€” if the second remains in the Eredivisie โ€” will be heading for a lot favourable on paper.
Scenario 1: Second Champions League preliminary round for non-champions 2021/2022 (virtual) Placed clubs: Celtic (34,000), PSV (29,000), Rapid Wien (17,000) Unplaced clubs: Galatasaray (17,000), Jablonec (7,000), Brรธndby (7,000)
Shake = Not sure of the Champions League preliminaries yet.
Of these six clubs, three remain: they continue to the third heat, where the numbers three from France and Portugal and the number two from Russia, Belgium and Ukraine await. That is the case if the Europa League winner does not enter the Champions League through their own competition. Three out of four semi-finalists do not seem to be going to do that, but what if Manchester United โ€” number two in their own country โ€” wins the Europa League?
In this case, an alternative scenario comes into effect. Frances number three can skip the preliminaries and enter the Champions League, while the numbers two also benefit from the Netherlands and Turkey: they start in the third Champions League heats instead of the second. According to the current positions in the European competitions, PSV would be given an unplaced status anyway.
Scenario 2: Third Champions League preliminary round for non-champions 2021/2022 (virtual) Placed clubs: Shakhtar Donetsk (79,000), Benfica (58,000), Lokomotiv Moscow (31,000), Racing Genk (30,000) Unplaced clubs: PSV (29,000), Galatasaray (17,000), winner from second heat second preliminary.Shake = Not yet sure of the Champions League preliminaries.
Source: Bert Kassies
(Hein Nooijens/Football scoop)