10 years in prison for Captain Henk Kuipers of motor club No Surrender

Leader Henk Kuipers of motor club No Surrender has to go to jail for 10 years because of leading a criminal organization. That‘s what the court in Groningen decided. The court also wants Kuipers, who was allowed to wait for the trial freely, to go back to jail immediately.

Three other leaders were sentences of 4 and 2.5 years. The four men have been guilty of drug trafficking, extortion and attempts to do so, forgery, severe abuse of club members, and theft by violence.

The role of Henk Kuipers (56) was the greatest in the court’s view. According to the judge, Kuipers used his own rules where brutal violence and harassment were the norm. โ€œHe was fooled by the rules of society, just as he was miserable about the rights and feelings of his victims. To this day, he does not take any responsibility for his actions,โ€ said the judge.

Klaas Otto

A 57-year-old man from Klazienaveen who is seen as the right-hand man of Kuipers has to go to jail for 4 years. That punishment was also for a 44-year-old man from Hulst.

Klaas Otto (52) from Bergen op Zoom, founder of the club, is sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. Under his leadership, No Surrender grew into a large international organization. That he was opposed to violence, as he said before, the court did not prove to it. He knew there were crimes committed.

An entrepreneur from Sneek, who used the services of Kuipers in resolving business disputes, has to go to jail for two years.

The court found it proved that the four men led an organization in the period from 2014 to 2017 that involved international drug trafficking, abuse, extortion and property crimes.

During the trial, two weeks ago, the prosecution called Kuipers not exactly a โ€œcuddly criminal, โ€œbut a โ€œcommon criminal.โ€ He waved the scepter over a club where there was a culture of lawlessness, violence and fear, the prosecution said. Most of the victims did not dare to make a statement for fear of reprisals.

Danger to society

The four, according to the judge, also actively participated in ‘bath standings’; violence against club members who did not comply with the rules and were dishonorably dismissed. This especially happened in the clubhouse in Emmen.

After three years of investigation in 2017, the police invaded the club building in Emmen. That building was demolished shortly afterwards. In 2019, the court in Assen ruled that No Surrender is a danger to society and banned the club.

No Surrender had 900 members and thirty chapters in the Netherlands at that time. ‘A large number of members of No Surrender have been structurally involved in numerous serious offences, ‘was stated in the verdict at the time, which also referred to harassment, public assault, extortion, illegal possession of weapons and drugs.

Founder piles punishment on punishment

The founder of No Surrender, Klaas Otto, was a member of motor club Satudarah since 2009, but left out dissatisfaction with the policy. In 2013 he founded No Surrender, a motorcycle club with strict rules and a clear hierarchy. To the outside world, it seemed as if the club was engaged in fun tours and supporting charities, but in reality it was a cover for international drug trafficking and violent settlements, according to the prosecution‘s investigation.

Otto had regular contact with the police in his early years. โ€œI was a real street fighter and not the most tolerant. I thought motorcycle clubs were just a bunch of bad guys. I dealt with them all, saw no danger in anything,โ€ he said earlier to Panorama magazine.

After some conflicts, Otto left No Surrender in 2016. โ€œI’m done with the motorcycle world, the canvas has fallen for me,โ€ he said. After Otto‘s departure, Henk Kuipers is seen as the new foreman of the club.

For Klaas Otto, today’s prison sentence comes on top of the six years in prison he was given in 2018. He was found guilty of extortion, assault and threat to two car dealers and the money laundering of EUR 1.3 million. Yesterday, another six months were added because he tried to bribe a number of witnesses during his captivity.

Recently, the bald picking case against Otto began. The people want three million euros from him. According to the prosecution, that money came from crimes.