100-year-old woman falls out window, passers-by find her in the bushes

The Halle-Vilvoorde prosecutor‘s office investigates a complaint against the home care center Our Lady in the Belgian village of Pamel. The reason is the fall out of a window of a centenary resident. โ€œWe deeply regret this incident.โ€

The remarkable incident occurred last weekend in the night of Sunday to Monday. A centenary resident of the residential care center along the Gasthuisstraat in Pamel was found injured in a bush. The victim received first aid on site and was then taken to the hospital with an ambulance. Several fractures were detected there.

โ€œA late hiker informed our night shift, who in turn immediately warned emergency services, police and family,โ€ said Filip Rooryck, daily driver at Our Lady.


The initial investigation quickly revealed that the lady had fallen down from the first floor through a window. How that was done and what exactly happened is unclear. The Halle-Vilvoorde prosecutor’s office informs that it is investigating a complaint from the family against the residential care center.

Despite the fact that the victim was found by an accidental passerby, Filip Rooryck believes that the staff has little to blame. โ€œOur staff acted correctly and accurately. They did not receive a call or signal beforehand from the resident that could explain this incident. We deeply regret this incident and will do everything we can to prevent a recurrence in the future,โ€ he concludes.