101Barz takes two drill rap videos offline after stabbing Scheveningen

Hiphopping platform 101Barz has taken at least two drill rap videos offline. These are videos of the rap formations Qlas & Blacka and 73 De Pijp. These groups are linked to the stabbing in Scheveningen on Monday evening, in which a 19-year old Rotterdammer was killed.

101Barz is a platform of BNNVARA where rappers regularly perform in videos, so-called “sessions”. The platform lets you know that they have removed the videos on their own initiative. “If we have doubts about intentions other than performing and transmitting hip-hop music, we will no longer broadcast the session”, can be read on Instagram. “Our support goes to the victim’s next of kin.”

Drillrap is a modern form of hip-hop, in which dark and violent lyrics are often rapped over slow beats. In the videos the rappers often wear balaclavas and wave knives or firearms. The style originates from Chicago and was blown over to the Netherlands via the United Kingdom.


To warn people within the subculture not to associate the whole genre with violence. Also 101Barz says that in the statement on Instagram. “Unfortunately, some artists come from an environment where crime lives and is part of their daily lives. Just because we don’t want to see these living conditions, or become uncomfortable with their existence, doesn’t mean this world doesn’t exist.”

CCeit Stories made this video last year about the violence between young people in Rotterdam-South. Before that they also talked to Qlas & Blacka, from whom videos have been removed:


According to insiders in Het Parool, the perpetrator comes from the corner of the Amsterdam group 73 De Pijp. Images on social media show a man with a firearm wearing a T-shirt with the text ’73 De Pijp’.