11 dead and nearly 100 injured by train accident in Egypt

North of the Egyptian capital Cairo, a train derailed. At least eleven people have died and at least 98 people have been injured, the authorities report.

The train ran from Cairo to the city of Banha in the afternoon. Just outside the capital, at least four wagons derailed. Pictures show that some train cars have turned over.

The injuries have sustained mainly fractures, bruises and cuts. One of them says to press agency AP that the passengers were surprised when the train suddenly went faster. At the next moment, the travelers were overflowing, he says.

The cause of the accident is still unknown. The driver of the train, his assistant and a number of other officials were arrested in connection with the investigation.

Negligence in previous train disaster

Its the second major train accident in Egypt in just a month. On 25 March, two trains collided head-on each other in the central province of Sohag. The death toll from that train disaster stands at 18 and over 200 people were injured. Prosecutors considered that there was serious negligence on the part of the railway staff responsible.

Train accidents happen regularly in Egypt. The railway system is poorly maintained. The government claims to have launched a renovation campaign to address this problem.