115 arrests at prohibited demonstration Museumplein

On Sunday, the police arrested 115 people during a spontaneous demonstration on the Museumplein which was not allowed by the Amsterdam municipality. The ME had to intervene and clean up the Museumplein. In addition, a water cannon was directed at the activists. An estimated two thousand people were on their feet. โ€œSome of them had fighting gloves, bombings and fireworks,โ€ reports the police.

Seven of the arrested are detained for public assault and the rest for deliberate disregard of an order. Earlier this week, the municipality of Amsterdam had banned the demonstration ‘Never again kabinet Rutte’ on the Museumplein. However, the event was allowed to take place in the Westerpark. But the initiators refrain from doing so.

The seven detainees are expected to be held for a longer period of time, the rest can probably go back within six hours, says a police spokesman Sunday night.

Despite the ban on Sunday, more and more people gathered on the Museumplein. At some point there were an estimated two thousand people gathered. The triangle (mayor, police, justice) then announced an emergency order and it was ordered that everyone should leave the Museumplein. Many protesters did not stay five feet away and wore no mouthcap.

Also officers were on horseback to get the protesters off the Museumplein. Bricks and fireworks were thrown at the police. The protesters scanned ‘We are Netherlands’ and ‘Freedom! ‘.

Around 15.30 p.m., the police and the ME managed to remove the protesters from Museumplein. They were driven into the neighborhoods behind the square. โ€œAmong the protesters was a group of 200 to 250 people who were clearly looking for the confrontation. Stones were taken out of the street and thrown at cops. Some also had fighting gloves, impact weapons and fireworks with them,โ€ reports the municipality in a statement.

Emergency order

The triangle of Amsterdam announced an emergency order earlier in the afternoon. โ€œDespite the many warnings from the municipality and police and the proclaimed emergency order, the protesters on the Museumplein do not break up. Police are now acting according to the roadmap,โ€ said the municipality on Twitter. โ€œAfter several warnings via amplified sound, the water pitcher has been deployed.โ€

โ€œ The ME is performing. Because of the danger to public health, it is important that everyone abides by the measures in force. The protesters present do not do this.โ€


De Amsterdamse trihoek (mayor, justice and police) put a stop to the plan of organizer Michel Reijinga to demonstrate on the Museumplein. The demonstration could be held in the Westerpark with a maximum of five hundred participants. These restrictions would improve the prevention of additional incidence, as well as the spread of the coronavirus. โ€œThe triangle respects freedom of expression and wanted to make the demonstration possible but felt it necessary to set conditions because of the coronapandemic,โ€ said the municipality Sunday in the press release.

Reijinga brought an interim action on the grounds that he did not agree with the decision of the triangle. However, he caught bone in the administrative court, where Reijinga canceled the event. Nevertheless, he expected that Sunday a large group would come to Amsterdam to demonstrate. On social media, more than 10,000 people indicated that they were interested in the protest.

‘No need for vaccine and mouthwash’

Physiotherapist Anne, who was present at the Museumplein, tells De Cceit that she works with elderly people and sees how seriously they suffer from the measures taken. โ€œI have come despite the ban to demonstrate. The measures that are now being taken against the coronavirus are thus against all humanity. There is no need for vaccines and mouthcaps,โ€ says Anne.

Another woman went to Museumplein with her son. โ€œI‘m here on a field trip for my son for civilisations. Show us what’s really happening.โ€

Most people came on without mouthcaps and without keeping five feet away. Someone was walking with a banner with the text โ€œCovid vaccine = poison.โ€ Another protester held up a sign with the text ‘Trump’.