12 years in prison against Dutchman in Amanda Todd case

Canada has claimed 12 years in prison against Dutchman Aydin C. for extorting and harassing Amanda Todd, who committed suicide at the age of 15 in 2012. The prosecutor spoke in court of morally reprehensible acts with devastating consequences, Canadian media report about the case in New Westminster.

Todd‘s case received widespread worldwide attention because she had recorded a video calling for help about her situation before her death. In it, she did not speak, but shared her experiences in texts on notes. Among other things, she was extorted with nude photos that she had sent C.

The video, and Todd’s suicide, led to outrage worldwide and increased attention to the dangers of sexual harassment and extortion against young people via the Internet.

According to justice in Canada, there is a high risk that C. will make victims again. The Dutchman, who was arrested in Oisterwijk in 2014, has already been convicted in the Netherlands. In 2017, he received ten years and eight months in prison for abusing dozens of girls and a number of men. He induced them to commit sexual acts in front of the camera and then extorted them.

At the request of Canada, the Todd case was not included in the Dutch lawsuit. C. tried to prevent extradition to Canada through a course of law, but the Supreme Court rejected its objections in 2017.

In August, C. was already found guilty in Canada of extortion, harassment, and the possession and distribution of child pornography. The ruling on the penalty rate is expected soon; he was postponed earlier because a prosecutor had contracted corona.