125.EUR 000 fine for NAM for leaks of harmful substances

The Public Prosecutor has imposed two fines totalling 125,000 euros on Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). According to the Public Prosecution Service, NAM failed to prevent the leakage of harmful substances.

In Collendoornerveen, in the province of Overijssel, more than one cubic metre of desulphurisation liquid leaked into a ditch next to a NAM location at the beginning of 2019. A few months later, there was also a leak at an NAM site in Delfzijl, when thirty cubic metres of natural gas condensate entered a canal. This led to health problems such as headaches, stinging eyes and nausea for a number of residents of nearby Farmsum.

The Public Prosecution Service stated that NAM had taken insufficient measures to prevent leaks. In the meantime, however, that has happened. NAM also paid all damage costs, more than 1.3 million euros. As compensation, NAM will also invest 75,000 euros in the renovation of the village hall in Farmsum.