13 broadcasts, 13 parties: ‘Elections are also a party for journalistics’

Elections are called ‘the feast of democracy, but it is also a celebration for journalism. Not because of the following campaigns, the dutious online expressions in coronatijd or the many promises politicians do wholesaler. It is because of the challenge to look behind the imposed pandoer. Are those promises right? How do the talk in the campaign relate to the voting behaviour? And what do their own voters expect from their parties? For us, these are the essential questions of the campaign.

With Nieuwsuur we hope to create the best possible picture of the political landscape, in a way that should be expected of us: critical, well informed and with the view not only focused on The Hague. That is why you will see the list tractors passing by, but also their supporters, in the country and in the studio.

Newssuur opts for two big legs in the coverage: we make special election broadcasts in Hilversum over thirteen parties, in which the leader is also a guest. And we‘re moving into the country with the special reportage series ‘Buiten het Binnenhof‘, which has been broadcast over the past few weeks. We are looking for the answer to the question of how the electorate looks at politics over the past year and what the expectations are. We travelled through the provinces, from nursing home to food bank and from classroom to farmyard.

In addition, the list tractors will be guests at the Nieuwsuur-studio, between 24 February and 12 March. Four smaller parties as part of the regular broadcast, the nine largest parties in themed broadcasts. And of course, in regular broadcasts we also pay attention to other parties participating in the elections.

Our ambition is to inform voters about the reality behind the promises and election programs. We’re trying, as it were, to take an X-ray. By analysis of the party, on the basis of electoral research by IPSOS. By interviewing critically and informed. And by letting voters talk to the leader.

You will see debates among the list makers above all and frequently among our colleagues. With Nieuwsuur we hope to be complementary: to dive into the content of each party and also to give the citizens a role in our political coverage. All in all, hopefully, it will provide a complete picture of getting ready on 17 March, so that the elections will indeed be the celebration of democracy.