13 dogs killed in Vietnam because owners tested positive: ‘Cruel and unethical’

In Vietnam, outrage has arisen after health authorities killed 13 dogs because their owners had tested positive for the coronavirus. โ€œThis is cruel and unethical,โ€ it sounds in numerous Vietnamese state media and social media.

The couple left the southern Long An province on Friday to flee the further expanding corona pandemic. They moved to the southernmost province of Ca Mau. Videos of their ride on the motorcycle and their 13 dogs in their zog were very popular on Vietnamese social media.

The man and woman arrived at a medical checkpoint in Khanh Hung on Saturday and both tested positive for COVID-19, and then the local health authorities decided to kill all dogs for fear that the animals would have the virus as well.

That caused a lot of outcry in state media and social media responses were disapproving as well. โ€œThere is no scientific evidence that dogs can transmit the coronavirus to humans,โ€ a professor responded. โ€œThis is cruel and unethical.โ€