1.3 million euros municipal money evaporated by flopped The Hague job project

A project aimed at helping hundreds of unemployed people get jobs in The Hague failed. This week the bankruptcy is filed for the job project, reports Omroep West.

The project, the Energy Academy, started in February last year. The aim was to train 560 unemployed vulnerable young people and beneficiaries in two years to become plasterer, metal worker or installer of solar panels and to allow them to flow to a paid job. The municipality of The Hague invested 1.3 million euros in the project. In the end, only seventeen people were helped to work, the money is gone.

Too high salaries

Survey by the municipality showed that the directors and employees paid themselves too high salaries and fees and that too much had been spent on rent and installation costs, among other things. A reorganization was carried out, but it didnt help.

Last week, at the insistence of the council, the responsible alderman made a mediation attempt to avert bankruptcy, but that attempt failed, he writes in a letter to the city council. โ€œThe difference between the amount requested by the creditors and the offer of the Supervisory Board is simply too large. The Supervisory Board then indicated that it intends to apply for bankruptcy this week.โ€

New Opportunity

The alderman believes that the concept of Energy Academy should be given a new opportunity and therefore he has commissioned a consultancy firm to find a viable form for the concept.