14 games will be added to Xbox Game Pass until November 17

Microsoft unveiled a list of 14 projects that will appear in Xbox Game Pass for consoles and RS in the next few weeks โ€” up to November 17. Carto โ€” October 27 (Xbox and PC) Day of the Tentacle โ€” October 29 (Xbox and PC) Full Throttle โ€” October 29 (Xbox and PC) Grim Fandango โ€” October 29 (Xbox and PC) Five Nights at Freddys โ€” October 29 (Xbox and PC) Unruly Heroes โ€” October 29 (Xbox and PC) Celeste โ€” November 5 (Xbox and PC) Comanche โ€” November 5 (PC) Deep Rock Galactic โ€” November 5 (Xbox and PC)) Eastshade โ€” November 5 (Xbox and PC) Knights and Bikes โ€” November 5 (Xbox and PC) Gears Tactics โ€” November 10 (Xbox) Destiny 2: Beyond Light โ€” November 10 (Xbox) Tetris Effect: Connected — November 10 (Xbox) Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorers Edition โ€” November 17 (Xbox and PC) . There will be only two major releases by subscription at the launch of Xbox Series sales โ€” an add-on for Destiny 2, which until December 8 has to be downloaded only on backwards compatibility, and an extended version of Tetris Effect.

In addition to the number 10 on Xbox One and Xbox Series will be released Gears Tactics โ€” the tactic came out in April on PC, where it received warm reviews from critics and journalists. EA Play will be part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate already on November 10 and from October 30 from the library of the service will be removed: After Party (Xbox) LEGO Star Wars III (Xbox) Rise & Shine (Xbox) Tacoma; (Xbox and PC) The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game (Xbox and PC) The Red Strings Club (PC).

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