’15-year-old girl raped several times by group of Indian men’

Another shocking rape case in India. A 15-year-old girl would have been abused by at least 33 men in different locations in eight months.

The Indian police have now arrested 26 suspects, including two minors. The girl passed a total of 33 names to the authorities. The remaining suspects are still being sought, particularly in Thane district, not far from Mumbai.

According to the girl, she was pressured after a rancunous (ex-) boyfriend shot a sex video of her. She was then regularly raped by his acquaintances, sometimes by several men at the same time. She is in stable condition and has been hospitalized for monitoring.

Times of India reports that a furious crowd of women have gathered in front of the police station where the suspects have been pinned. Officers have to keep the protesters out of the door.

Rapes are a major problem in India: in 2020 alone, some thirty thousand reports of rapes were reported, but the actual number is probably much higher.