1600 deserted citizens still succeeded in exam part

A small 1,600 people who failed a part of the integration exam still succeeded. Demissionary Minister Koolmees reports to the House of Representatives that an error has been made in the standardization of the exams. As a result, 1584 candidates were mistakenly told that they had failed that part. According to Koolmees, the error lies with the developer of the keys.

DUO (the organisation that conducts the exams) will inform those concerned by letter that they have succeeded. The letter also apologizes and any costs incurred by citizens for new exam attempts will be reimbursed or deducted from their loan. The mistake may cost the Empire 250,000 euros.

Declaration of Participation

Kooltit also reports that mistakes have also been made in the participation declaration. This is a mandatory part of the integration exam: citizens must get acquainted with Dutch core values and declare that they respect them.

DUO has now discovered that many people have wrongly failed to impose that duty. 199 of them still have to finish the ‘participatory program’. Another 62 people who have already taken the integration exam no longer need to take the participation part. And there are 183 cases where the participation obligation had been wrongly repealed. They too still have to comply with the duty.