172 migrants from wooden boats saved on the Mediterranean

The German aid organisation Sea-Eye claims to have saved 172 migrants in the Mediterranean in one day. The migrants crossed wooden boats, which according to Sea Eye were unsuitable for use on the open sea. Among the rescued people were an eight-month-old baby and a pregnant woman.

All migrants have been transferred to the ship Sea Eye 4, which has only been in use for a few days. Twelve people had to undergo medical examinations, partly because of hypothermia. It is unknown to which country the migrants are being transferred.

Sea-Eye came to track the migrants, according to their own words, because a helicopter from the Frontex European Border Guard was circling above the boats. โ€œBut they refused to inform us about the boats in need,โ€ says the German aid organization.

Last Friday Sea-Eye came to a report of a small wooden boat with about 50 people on board. That boat was then found empty. The organization assumes that the sailors have been taken to the Libyan coast.

According to Mรฉdecins sans Frontiรจres this year, at least 500 people have died trying to make the crossing to Europe.