173 people busted after riots, ‘a lot will follow’

173 people have been arrested after the riots last weekend and many will follow. They will be held accountable โ€œwith the full gravity of the rightโ€, writes Minister Grapperhaus to the House of Representatives.

He reiterates that the rioters will be deployed quickly and that the damage will be recovered from them. โ€œThe police and the public prosecutors office are doing everything.โ€

Grapperhaus believes that the police have shown what she is capable of again in recent days. He expresses his appreciation for โ€œpeople who, without exception, have a strong motivation to commit themselves to Dutch society and take a step forward, also in those situations where there are particularly difficult circumstances.โ€

In Rotterdam, a protest against the corona measures was out of control on Friday evening. The police shot aimed at a number of rioters. This past weekend, there were riots in The Hague, among others, where heavy fireworks and stones were thrown at emergency workers. According to Grapperhaus, in some places, it was about โ€œhighly organized violenceโ€, without any apparent social or political intent.

According to the Minister of Justice and Security, the police notice that a dichotomy has arisen due to the corona measures. โ€œIt is important that we keep talking about that with each other. What happened last weekend, however, has nothing to do with a discussion. Together with mayors, the prosecution and the police, I will always continue to act strongly against this.โ€

An overview of this weekends riots in the picture:

The first suspects of the riots in Rotterdam will be in court tomorrow afternoon during a speed trial, reports the Public Prosecutors Office. It concerns three suspects: a man from Rotterdam, a man from Delft and a woman from Spijkenisse. They would have thrown objects at the police.

In addition, three other suspects are stuck for the disturbances in Rotterdam. They will have to go to court later. One of these men would have tried to hit a cop with an iron rod.