18 arrests in international action against the drugs network

Eighteen people were arrested at home and abroad in an investigation into international drug trafficking, reports the police. There have been raids on dozens of locations in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and Slovakia.

According to De CCeit, one of the people arrested is Piet S., who has been linked to drug trafficking and murders in the underworld for a long time. The police do not want to confirm this.

These are images of the police investigation:

The suspects are between 25 and 68 years old. Most are suspected of involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering. A number of them are also suspected of possession of prohibited weapons. The police do not rule out the possibility that the number of arrests will increase.

Narcotics, weapons and cash were found during the raids. Dozens of cars have also been seized. Almost a thousand police officers were deployed in various countries.

In this investigation, the police used information from the company EncroChat. Criminals used that chat service to send encrypted messages. Earlier this year, the police intercepted more than 20 million messages.

CCeit op 3 explains what the hacking of chat service EncroChat means for organised crime: