180 million euros for a greener The Hague

The municipality of The Hague invests 180 million euros in sustainability. Alderman Liesbeth van Tongeren announced this. The money comes from the sale of shares in energy company Eneco.

60 million of the Eneco money is intended for Hagenaars who want to make their home or business premises more sustainable, writes Omroep West. They can receive subsidies for, for example, the insulation of their home or cooking on induction.

In addition, 22 million euros will go to the sustainability of buildings of the municipality and social real estate, such as community centers and theatres. A slightly larger amount (27 million) has been earmarked for the construction of clean sources and heat networks. Money is also going to more sustainable public lighting and new charging points for electric cars.

According to Van Tongeren, affordability is still often an obstacle to green initiatives. โ€œWithin ten years, a large part of the city will run on wind, sun and geothermal heat,โ€ predicts the Alderman of GroenLinks.

Also in Rotterdam

More than a week ago, the City Council of Rotterdam already chose to put 130 million euros into a fund for energy transition. This is also a question of Eneco money.