19-year-old Brit wakes up after year in a coma in totally different world

When Joseph Flavill was hit by a car on 1 March 2020, only a few dozen coronavirus infections were known in the United Kingdom. Three weeks later, the country went into lockdown. The British, at the age of 18, fell into a coma after the accident and is now slowly waking up from it – in a world that looks very different.

โ€œ I dont know if Joseph will ever understand our stories about the lockdown,โ€ says his aunt Sally to the British newspaper The Guardian. โ€œI just dont know where to start. If someone had told me about what was going to happen a year ago, I dont think I would have believed them.โ€

Brain injury

According to Sally, her cousin still has a very long way to go before hes fully recovered. In the accident last year, Joseph suffered severe brain damage.

โ€œ He now shows small signs of recovery,โ€ says his aunt. โ€œWe know he can hear us and he responds to simple commands.โ€ Joseph manages to say yes or no by blinking his eyes.

Twice infected

Because of the severe corona measures in the UK, the family of 19-year-old Brit can hardly visit him. Relatives communicate with him through a video connection.

According to Sally, they also try to explain that they cant be with him now by the strict rules, but keep it as simple as possible. โ€œWe dont really have time to go into the pandemic extensively. If we can reconnect face-to-face, we can explain what happened,โ€ she says to The Guardian.

Joseph himself became infected with the coronavirus twice in recent times, but he has recovered both times.