192 points since 2016: The Netherlands relies on top four, Ajax at lonely height

Ajax continued hanging and strangling against Lille OSC and is busy putting BSC Young Boys aside, while PSV stumbled over Olympiakos Piraeus just before time. That PSV is the second last remaining Dutch club in Europe and that Ajax remains the last, is no coincidence: we have seen that many times since the summer of 2016… Football Spremeur dissects the European results of the last five seasons: who took the most points for the Netherlands?
Points countingGestst a brief explanation of the points count for European competitions. Each club can earn points for their country with a good result in the Champions League or Europa League: two points per win, one point on a draw. In the Champions League, participation in the pool phase and placement for the knockout rounds will earn four extra points. Furthermore, clubs get one bonus point per Champions League round that they survive. In the Europa League, extra bonuses can only be earned from the quarter-finals.
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The total number of points is divided over the number of European participants per country. PSV, Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord and Willem II have so far earned 40 points for the Netherlands this season: if we divide this through 5 we will get a coefficient score of 8,000 for this season. The coefficient ranking of Europe is determined by adding together the coefficient scores of the last five seasons. The Netherlands is eighth, with a total coefficient of 38,000. This means that the Eredivisie clubs have taken 192 points for the Netherlands in the past five years. Which clubs contributed to this and who made the biggest contribution?
Ajax (points: 88/coefficient score: 17.6) We can already answer that last question: Ajax has taken almost half of all Dutch points in Europe since the summer of 2016. In 2017, the Europa League final was reached, two years later Ajax was even on the threshold of the Champions League final, while they had to start in the second heat. In that season, Ajax was the best scoring club in Europe with 32 points. One slip-off in the 2017/2018 disaster season โ€” in which it stumbled over Nice and Rosenborg โ€” but overwintered four times in Europe in the last five seasons: The Netherlands can always count on Ajax, this season also shows.
PSV (points: 37.5/coefficient score: 7.5) PSV is a good second. Over the past few years, the Eindhovenaren have twice completed the Champions League pool phase โ€” and associated bonuses โ€” and managed to hibernate again in Europe this season. Roger Schmidt‘s team won four times in the Europa League before the winter break and earned more points for the Netherlands than Champions League participant Ajax. The numbers one and two from the Netherlands had both earned thirteen points in this European season: however, Ajax could supplement this total further and PSV could not…
AZ (points: 31/coefficient score: 6.2) AZ completes the stage. The Alkmaarders have scored slightly less than PSV in the last five years, but are generally doing fine in Europe: they started four times in the preliminaries, three times in the Europa League, twice wintered. This season, AZ seemed to stand up pretty well in its heavy poule with Napoli and Real Sociedad. In the last round, however, it stumbled upon weak brother Rijeka.
Feyenoord (points: 23/coefficient score: 4.6) Feyenoord is also a regular guest in Europe, between August and December… Since 2016, the stadium club played three times in the Europa League and once in the Champions League, but was always in the pool phase. That was the case this season, in a group with Dinamo Zagreb, Wolfsberger AC and CSKA Moscow. Nevertheless, Feyenoord won a respectable number of points for the Netherlands.
Vitesse (points: 5.5/coefficient score: 1.1) In addition to the top four, there is one Dutch club that has been able to play in a European pool phase over the past five years: Vitesse won the cup in 2017 and was able to enter the Europa League in the following season. This was not a great success โ€” the adventure ended after six pool competitions โ€” and in the following season the Europa League preliminaries were the final station, but the Arnhemmers did make a modest contribution to the coefficient rankings.
FC Utrecht (points: 4/coefficient score: 0.8), Willem II (points: 2/coefficient score: 0.4), Heracles Almelo (points: 1/coefficient score: 0.2) And then there are three clubs representing the Netherlands in the Europa League preliminaries: they took seven out of 192 points for the Netherlands. Heracles began his first and last European adventure in 2016 and stumbled directly over Portuguese Arouca.
FC Utrecht survived two preliminaries one year later and smoketo a stunt against Zenith St. Petersburg, but went only in the extension through the knees. In 2019 the same FC Utrecht blamed against the Bosnian Zrinjski Mostar. In September Willem II got into Europe: the Tricolores played against Progrรจs Niederkorn in Luxembourg, but then went against Rangers FC. This is how we arrive at 192 points earned by eight Eredivisie clubs crossing the border. However, the relations between the clubs themselves are rather skewed: Ajax grabbed almost half of all Dutch points and the top four accounts for more than ninety percent of the Dutch score. The Netherlands is now firmly in the top ten of the coefficients ranking and will be assured of one direct Champions League ticket in the coming years. Well, it’
s obvious to whom we owe that…
Source: Bert Kassies
(Hein Nooijens/Football scoop)