20 years cell and tbs for shooting rapper Feis

In the case of the shooting of rapper Feis, the court has imposed 20 years in prison and TBS with forced care. The judges found it proved that 26-year-old Silfano M. fired the bullet that killed the Rotterdam rapper in the New Years Night of 2019. The judgment is equivalent to the demand of the Public Prosecutors Office.

The 32-year-old Feis, who was actually called Faisal Mssyeh, was shot together with his brother at a cafรฉ on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam during the night in question. There was allegedly a disturbance preceded in the pub. Feis died, his brother was badly injured.

Although several witnesses have designated the Rotterdammer Silfano M. as a shooter, he denies guilt. In court, he said hes never had a gun in his hands.


Since there was no premeditated counsel, M. was charged not murder but manslaughter. Manslaughter is subject to a maximum sentence of 15 years. In this case, the verdict is heavier because M. is also guilty of two counts of attempted manslaughter, including the shots he fired on Feis brother Bilal on New Years Eve.

The other attempted manslaughter was a month earlier, when M. shot a car with a policeman in Schiedam. The policeman remained unharmed.

The court says that M. started shooting in both incidents for no apparent reason. He did not cooperate in investigating his mental abilities, but according to the court, it is certain that he suffers from a personality disorder.