2020 is shared the warmest year ever

It looks like 2020, along with 2014, will be the warmest year ever measured. With a week and a half to go, the average temperature at the main station in De Bilt probably reaches 11.7 degrees, the same value as six years ago, reports Weeronline.

Over the past thirty years, the average annual temperature was 10.6 degrees.

This year it was no less than 225 days warmer than usual. Only in May and July it was somewhat colder than average, in all other months it was warmer. Especially January and February jumped out, in those months the temperature was about three degrees above the long-term average.

No severe frosts

The coldest in De Bilt was on 25 March, with -4.3 degrees. With this, the limit for moderate frosts (-5 degrees) was just not met. It has been almost 700 days since moderate frost was measured in De Bilt.

Until yesterday, there were 284 days when the temperature rose above 10 degrees. The record is 285 days, in 2002, and given the weather forecasts, it is likely that that record will fall in the next few days.

At 110 days the temperature was above 20 degrees, whereas on average there are only 93. The number of summer days (more than 25 degrees) was also higher: 32 versus 28 normal. There were 12 tropical days (above 30 degrees), of which nine consecutive in August.

Lots of records

With ten too hot months and more warm, summer and tropical days, it is not surprising that there were also many heat records in 2020. In total, thirteen date heat records were recorded for the maximum temperature, these are days on which such a high temperature has never been measured before.

There were also two all-time monthly records: on September 15, the highest temperature ever recorded in September was 31.4 degrees in De Bilt. In Gilze-Rijen, even 35.1 degrees were measured. On November 2, the November record was killed when it became 19,3 degrees in De Bilt.