24 newcomers on the ballot, these parties have a chance to win a seat

U-Buntu Connected Front, Party for the Republic and Modern Netherlands. It‘s three out of 24 new parties that in a little month to the favor of voters things. It must be weird if these threesome make it. But there are other newcomers who do have a chance to join the thirteen sitting parties.

That’s JA21, Volt, Code Orange and BIJ1. All four of them have returned in one or more polls lately. โ€œFour parties with a clear story,โ€ says researcher Peter Kanne of I&O Research.

The story of JA21 is hardly different from that of Forum for Democracy. Not that crazy; the party arose out of the chaos at Forum a few months ago. โ€œWe offer people a realistic right sound,โ€ says campaign leader JA21-Ronald Buijt. But the crux is as far as he is concerned in the sentence after. โ€œWe are willing to take responsibility. JA21 can ensure that the Netherlands does not deflect to the left.โ€

So join us, right populist voters do have ears for that, Kanne thinks. โ€œThe PVV proves its value as an opposition party, but does not participate for real power. Forum for Democracy seemed serious, but lately the image of reasonableness has been wiped out by the radical corona point of view and the rumbling.โ€

Do not blรจren

The number 1 topic for JA21 is immigration. โ€œA realistic approachโ€, Buijt outlines. โ€œSo don‘t shout that the borders must be completely closed, because that’s not how it works.โ€ But, for example, more border controls and more pressure on Morocco to take back their citizens if they have come here illegally.

Furthermore, JA21 is critical of the EU. โ€œDon‘t talk about nexit, but make more demands in Europe,โ€ says the campaign leader. If you add the experience of leader Joost Eerdmans to the right signature, Kanne sees some potential. โ€œTwo to six seats is possible,โ€ he says. โ€œBut note: potency is not a guarantee.โ€

All the

way on the other (left) side of the spectrum is BIJ1. The party, which participated in 2017 under the name Article1 but did not get a seat at the time, wants improvement โ€œin all areas, but always with an anti-racist viewโ€, says candidate member Rebekka Timmer (number 3 on the list). She mentions an example of solving the teacher’s shortage. โ€œIf you don‘t do something about underadvice and prejudices in education at the same time, children of color and black children won’t win anything.โ€

The party also strives for โ€œradical equality and economic justiceโ€ and โ€œthe racist government must be stoppedโ€. According to BIJ1, the incumbent politicians are responsible for the childcare scandal. โ€œAnd they allow racism to survive in the police and in the labour market.โ€


So a radical anti-racist story, which is quite distinctive, says Kanne. โ€œThe disadvantage for BIH1 is that the subject is considered most important by relatively few people.โ€ Among other things, climate and the welfare state are among the most people higher on the list. Besides Denk, where Bij1 leader Sylvana Simons started her political career, Kanne sees GroenLinks and the Party voor de Dieren as a competitor to BIJ1.

Simons is in the highest regions in terms of awareness of list tractors, sees Kanne. โ€œBut her rating is incredibly low, a 2.4.โ€ For comparison, mainstream politicians tend to be between 5 and 6 at I&O Research. Kanne has an idea where that difference comes from. โ€œSimons tells a story that the Netherlands is not ready for. She thus raises resistance from a large group of white people who feel accused of racism.โ€


is no question of a well-known leader at Volt. On the contrary. Laurens Dassen is his name, and according to Kanne, only 2 percent of people know him. But perhaps that is not a disadvantage, because the party stands for โ€œa new soundโ€, says campaign leader Itay Garmy.

Volt is a pan-European party active in all EU countries. The Europe position is therefore guessed and further Volt wants to govern in a moralistic way, without anger and with people at the centre, explains Garmy. โ€œThink of the situation in Moria refugee camp and the payment affair. We want to identify the problem and the solution too.โ€


The party fished in the (young) pond of D66 and GroenLinks, sees Kanne. Like these parties, Volt attaches great importance to combating the climate problem, but the newcomer has an asset in their hands. โ€œVolt wants to use nuclear power can be an advantage. GroenLinks and D66 are not in favour of that, but a substantial minority of their voters do.โ€

It will not be a shock that Code Oranje, with ex-PVV‘er Richard de Mos, is fishing in the right pond, where it is quite crowded. โ€œBut with ombudis politics, the party has something in its hands,โ€ says Kanne. โ€œThat appeals to a sense of ‘is there someone who comes to mindfor my interests? โ€

Because that’s simply what The Moss wants, he says. โ€œSolving people‘s problems.โ€ According to the leader, everything is decided nationally that leads to problems locally and which causes a deterioration in the quality of life. Code Orange wants more participation for citizens and more money and power to the region and municipalities. And that will have to be paid for by ‘less migration and less Europe‘.

Robin Hood

What speaks for Code Orange is the fame of The Mos. His party is the largest in the Hague city council, and about half of the Dutch know who De Mos is, says Kanne. What may have contributed to his fame is a lawsuit that runs against him. The Public Prosecutor’s Office suspects the politician of corruption among other things. The Moss claims to be innocent.

โ€œ The case can throw soot into the food,โ€ says Kanne. โ€œBut it can also contribute to his reputation as Robin Hood, the man who stands up for the poor and stands up against the established order.โ€

Whether he, and the other three parties will do so from the House of Representatives, we will know in a few weeks. 15, 16 and 17 March the polling stations will be open, the (provisional) result is expected to follow on the night of the 17th.

Want to know more about the established parties? In this video, CCEit on 3 passes the thirteen largest: