250 kilos of cocaine found between cargo of roses

At Maastricht Aachen Airport, about 250 kilos of cocaine was intercepted on Wednesday afternoon, hidden in packages between a load of roses. The find between the Valentine flowers has a street value of about 8 million euros.

The aircraft that originated from Ecuador should actually land at Schiphol but had migrated to Maastricht. When a shipment of roses was unloaded by airport employees, they noticed that the boxes were much heavier than expected.

Then the customs authorities were called on the spot and they saw that between the boxes there were packages of suspected cocaine.

The Royal Marechaussee has then started an investigation in which forensic detectives have been deployed to secure traces. The investigation team Cargo Harc, a joint venture of the Royal Marechaussee, FIOD and customs, carries out further investigations into the shipment found.