2500 ‘forgotten’ votes found on recount in Georgia

When the vote is recalculated by hand in the US state of Georgia, 2500 ballots were found that were not included in the first count. Over 1600 of those votes went to President Trump.

The votes came from one so-called county, where there was a problem with the registration of the notes.

Authorities in the state do not expect that the banknotes found will affect the outcome of the presidential elections in the state.

โ€œThis is why we do a re-countdown.โ€

Joe Biden won the first Democrat in Georgia since 1992. He got about 14,000 more votes in the first count than President Trump. โ€œWe do a recount by hand to discover these kinds of things,โ€ said Gabriel Sterling, who oversees the recount in the state, to press agency AP about the forgotten votes found.

He expects it to be a one-time case.

Republican pressure
At the

same time, Brad Raffensperger, Georgia‘s Home Secretary and ultimately responsible for the state elections, said in an interview with The Washington Post that his Republican party mates are increasingly putting pressure on him to preserve the integrity of the past presidential elections to question.

According to Raffensperger, the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has asked him to look for ways of invalidating letter votes, most of which went to Biden by far.

In front of the newspaper, the Republican says that he was amazed by, among other things, Graham’s suggestion to seek ways of invalidating legally cast votes without the intervention of the judge. โ€œIt seemed very much that he wanted to do that,โ€ said Raffensperger.