26/ 6 wake up service: Releasing Day โ€ข Tour de France starts

Good morning! As of today, the vast majority of the corona measures are (for now) over. It‘s also the day the 108th edition of the Tour de France starts.

Today, cloudy with first showers in the southwest of the country. Sometimes sunshine, but especially inland this afternoon also showers with a chance of thunderstorms. It will be 21 to 25 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the overview of the work. Check the track timetable here.

What can you expect today?
What did you miss?

So it’s a relaxed day. But that didn‘t go smoothly everywhere last night. Reports from all over the country came from people who did not get results after a nightclub visit, for example. Their outing fell into the water. This night was the first night clubs were allowed to reopen since March 2020.

Yesterday there were problems with the test results of Access Testing all day long. Normally, someone who’s tested will be emailed to the results within an hour, containing a code that you can convert into a ticket in the CoronaCheck app. Now that took much longer and many people didn‘t get any results at all before they start their activity.

Other news from the night
And then this:

A Hungarian lhbti law puts Europe on focus. There were protests in multiple places and government leaders took each other’s measure. What does this law mean and are European gay rights under pressure?

Have a nice day!