2700 year old toilet discovered in Jerusalem: ‘Only for the rich’

Archaeologists have discovered a very ancient and rare toilet in Israel near the Old City in Jerusalem. The luxury toilet with canopy before that time is more than 2700 years old.

The Israeli excavation service announced the news this week. Its a smoothed limestone toilet with a hole in it and a deep tank underneath. The booth was probably part of a larger house.


on the pot is comfortable sitting. โ€œA private toilet cabin was very rare in ancient times and only a few have been found so far,โ€ says Yaakov Billig, director of the excavation service. โ€œOnly the rich could afford such a toilet.โ€

Animal bones and earthenware have also been found in the tank under the hole. These objects may be able to provide more insight into the lifestyle and food styles of people at the time and diseases that were going around. Clues of a nearby garden with orchards and aquatic plants have also been found near the house โ€” proof that those who lived there were well.