30 guests at reception or dinner after marriage are allowed in Zeeland

Those who marry in Zeeland in the next three weeks, can then throw a party or dinner in that province for up to thirty people. The Safety Region Zeeland decided on Thursday that the hospitality industry will receive an exemption, so that โ€œthe guests can still meet with the newlyweds after the yes word.โ€

Zeeland thus makes an exception to the new coronare rules. They require that the rules of the hospitality industry apply for a wedding celebration: only four people or one household can be reserved. Zeeland allows thirty people at the reception, dinner or party, provided they adhere to all coronare rules, such as keeping distance and staying seated.

During the wedding ceremony, thirty people can be present throughout the Netherlands and forty outside. Only a hundred people are welcome in church marriage, because churches are subject to different rules of coronation.