30 pupils Spinoza Lyceum Amsterdam infected with corona

Thirty pupils of the Spinoza Lyceum in Amsterdam appear to be infected with the coronavirus. The pupils have mild complaints. Five staff members of the school are also infected, the school board writes in the letter that was sent to parents and pupils.

After it was known that their child had become infected, some parents admitted that they had let their child go to school despite the fact that he or she showed slight symptoms. Jan Paul Beekman, rector-director of the lyceum in Amsterdam-Zuid: Although I understand very well that it is not always convenient to keep the child at home, I would like to stress once again that you really should not do this

In a reaction to the letter, Rector Jan Paul Beekman states that the number of confirmed coronavirus attacks at his school, especially on Thursday, increased rapidly. We found that almost all the infections took place outside the school, after which the virus spread into the classes, he says.

Beekman states that a number of pupils had a party a fortnight ago and that no distance was kept. That, according to Beekman, was the beginning of the current outbreak. That‘s why I also urge parents and pupils to take the coronavirus measures seriously outside the classroom as well

Don’t make accusations

I think it is important to have said that in most cases, a pupil who is infected can really do nothing about it. It happens to you and I notice that these pupils find that very annoying and often feel guilty towards the other pupils in the class, Beekman writes.

Beekman continues: I really want to ask you not to blame me.

Neatly adhered to prescribed protocol

The rector-director writes in his letter that he has regular contact with the GGD. The school board has been told by the Municipal Health Service that it adheres neatly to the prescribed protocol, and that there is no reason to change policy. Of course we have scenarios in case the situation deteriorates, said Beekman.

Nijmegen City School Community

Not only at the Spinoza Lyceum in Amsterdam, but also at other schools, things seem to be going well now: there are also fifteen corona cases at the Municipal School of Nijmegen.