33 arrests in Amsterdam, group runs through Maastricht

With various announcements of demonstrations and even riots, a warm Sunday could be expected, despite the winter weather. In Apeldoorn and Amsterdam emergency regulations were applied for (parts of) the city. But it remained relatively quiet.

In this live blog we keep track of the developments around the various demonstrations and any unrest.

Peace returned to Museumplein On the Museumplein in Amsterdam, calm has returned, after the demonstration earlier in the day, and the protesters have responded

to the call to leave. The police have had to intervene for this.

33 arrests have been made in Amsterdam, 25 of which are on Valeriusplein. According to the police, there were signs that these people were part of an organized group. In addition, a vehicle has been checked on its way to Amsterdam where a weapon has been found. The three occupants have been apprehended. In the Amsterdam area a vehicle was found with a taser. There, too, a person has been arrested. Four arrests were made around Museumplein: one suspect kicked towards a journalist.

20.02 hours Coffeedrink-demonstration

Mayor Ton Heerts van Apeldoorn is satisfied that a โ€œcoffee drinking demonstrationโ€ in his municipality on Sunday was quiet and orderly. Heerts issued an emergency order on Sunday morning because of โ€œa threat of serious violence against personsโ€, but no such violence was done. The emergency order was revoked at the beginning of the evening on Sunday, according to the municipality.

18.58 hours Group runs through Maastricht

The police intervened in Maastricht Sunday evening when a large group of people walked through the city centre. According to the police, it was about 30 to 40 people and did not comply with the corona measures.

Around 6:30 p.m., the police intervened. A large number of agents enclosed the group on the street Achter de Vleeshuis in the city centre and then searched and inspected people. The police handed out fines for violating the maximum group size and violating the corona measures. An emergency order is in force in Maastricht. According to the spokesman, people don‘t resist, and they left afterwards.

17.50 hrs Quiet in Eindhoven

In Eindhoven the Sunday afternoon remained quiet. Two previously notified demonstrations were banned by the municipality. No protesters came to Eindhoven. Well, the police picked up two people. A 36-year-old Helmonder because he didn’t respond to a summation of cops. โ€œHe wouldn‘t listen,โ€ said a police spokesman. The other one, a 39-year-old Pole, because he was walking around with a van of pepper spray.

16.27 hours Four arrests in Apeldoorn

For the

time being, the police have detained four people at different locations in Apeldoorn. Three of them were arrested for possession of battle and stab weapons, one was arrested for insulting a police officer.

16.10 P.M. Police sweeps Museumplein

after a long deadlock, in which a large group of people refused to leave the Museumplein, the police intervened. The square is being wiped clean. A few hundred people have yet to leave. An emergency order was issued after objects were thrown at officers who were passing attendants. From 16:00, due to the emergency order, people can be called on to leave the Museumplein, reports the municipality of Amsterdam on Twitter.

15.30 hrs Two arrests in Leeuwarden

Around 15.05 hrs the end of a demonstration at the Wilhelminaplein in Leeuwarden. Because several people refused to leave, two people were arrested.

15.10 hours Protesters Amsterdam refuse to leave

The police are now hearing: โ€œAttention, this is where the police speak. The mayor has issued an emergency warrant. You must remove yourself in the direction of the Concertgebouw, or force will be used.โ€

15.00 hrs Peaceful event Apeldoorn runs at the end

Initiator Eldor van Feggelen showed himself extremely satisfied with the course of the event in Apeldoorn. In a short speech, he thanked Mayor and Police for granting permission and making the site available. โ€œWe had extensive contact beforehand and agreed that this action would be peaceful. It has certainly not been our intention to use force. I haven’t seen one rioter or looter,โ€ says Van Feggelen. โ€œWe made a super/statement this afternoon.โ€

14.40 hours ‘Police sends people from Museumplein’

Demonstrate is not allowed and the meeting of people on Museumplein has features of a demonstration. The triangle in Amsterdam therefore has people sent away from the square.

14.35 hours Couple hundred people on Museumplein, 30 arrests in


It‘s getting a little busier in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, a few hundred people have gathered in the square.

Thirty people have been arrested on Sunday afternoon at the Valeriusplein in Amsterdam. The thirty were arrested because of ‘the risk of disturbance of public order‘, tweets the Amsterdam police.

Valerius Square is located near the Museum Square. Fearing that riots would take place there before the third Sunday in a row, Mayor Femke Halsema has designated the Museumplein and the surrounding area as a safety risk area.

14.20 Eindhoven, a lot of police, little audience

In Eindhoven, everything seems to be quiet so far. There’s a lot of police and ME on the street. The police are checking people for I.D.

14.15 hrs Hundreds of people gathered in Apeldoorn

In Apeldoorn have now gathered around 400 activists on the Swiss terrain. They shouldn‘t be demonstrating. That’s why the canvases are on the ground. So far everything is going in a peaceful atmosphere.

14.05 hours First protesters on the Museumplein

On a sunny Museumplein in Amsterdam there are several dozen protesters on Sunday around 14.00 hours. There are few mouthcaps or banners to see. There is a lot of police present, also with vans and horses. Bystanders keep watching.

13.00 hrs Woman is not allowed to organize ‘drinking coffee’; penalty payment 10.000 euro

A resident of Hoorn received a penalty payment from her municipality because she sees her as organiser of a ‘Cup of coffee on the Roode Steen’ in Hoorn on 31 January. That reports WF News, which brings news from West-Friesland.

The call was posted on Facebook by the woman last January 27. In order to ensure that the woman does not commit the offense, the municipality of Hoorn – for fear of riots – seizes a heavy means, the burden under penalty, in this case 10,000 euros.

12.55 pm Still quiet in Apeldoorn

Around 12.30 pm it was quiet in the city of Gelderland according to the municipality of Apeldoorn. The police of Gelderland will tweet about the emergency order on Sunday: โ€œThe municipality of Apeldoorn has issued an emergency order. That means we can send people away,โ€ said the police, who also added the hashtag #houhetrustig.

12.45 hours Museumplein: a lot of police and walking families

On a sunny Museumplein in Amsterdam it is quiet Sunday around 12.30 pm, although there are a lot of police on hand. There are families walking, people are playing sports and a single coffee shop is open. There are many police vans and police are also present on horseback.

Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema had re-designated the Museumplein and the surrounding area as a safety risk area earlier Sunday. That measure came into effect at 11 a.m.

12.30 p.m. Venray stops rioters outside the municipality Due to

large-scale deployment of police, mobile unit and other enforcers, Venray managed to prevent previously announced riots on Saturday night. The police sent people from outside the congregation back home. On Saturday people came to Venray from Rotterdam, Helmond and other places.

On the access roads, police and boas kept 90 vehicles standing and checked 270 people. About 80 people were searched preventively. Police put these measures in place after calls for a riot on Saturday night in Venray.

Mayor Luc Winants had put in place an emergency order and declared Venray a security risk area.

12.25 hours Emergency Ordinance Apeldoorn

Mayor of Apeldoorn Ton Heerts has issued an emergency order for the entire city of Apeldoorn and so-called designation order. This means that the police can search on all access roads to Apeldoorn and in the city, reports the municipality. Also, people who have no valid reason to be in the city can be stopped or expelled.

11.00 a.m. Emergency Ordinance Museumplein Amsterdam

Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema has re-designated the Museumplein and the surrounding area as a safety risk area. The measure will take effect on Sunday at 11 a.m.