33-year-old American sheriff was against prick policy: dies himself from corona

A 33-year-old sheriff from Colorado died of Corona. This happened not long after he publicly questioned the functioning of the coronavaccin.

On Facebook, the local Denver police report that Daniel Duke Trujillo died at the age of 33 from the effects of the coronavirus. According to The Daily Mail, the ex-Marine had repeatedly posted anti-vaccination messages on social media. For example, on May 7, the agent changed his Facebook profile photo to a text that said: I have an immune system. In doing so, he wanted to stress that the protection of a vaccine is unnecessary.

In April, Trujillo shared a Tiktok video showing a Marine who spoke out against vaccination policy. Below, the sheriff put the title: โ€œIll wait a little while in case any protrusions from your foreheads begin to grow.โ€

The deceased policeman was also not a supporter of the mouthcap policy. Here again, according to The Daily Mail, he spoke against on social media.