34 arrests after riots in Spain to imprisonment rapper

Spanish agents arrested 34 people after riots arose for the fifth consecutive day when protesters campaigned against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasรฉl.

In Barcelona 31 rioters were arrested for โ€œpublic disorder and lootingโ€, in Lleida one and two in Tarragona, police announced on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Actionists in Barcelona threw in windows of shops, patched the police with bottles and threw up barricades with containers set on fire. A fire was also set at a stock exchange building. In friday disturbances, bank buildings were targeted by protesters. The police used rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Thousands of people would be present at the protest in Barcelona. Police speak of 6,000 activists. There were again protests elsewhere in Spain, including in Madrid and Pamplona, but mainly peaceful. In Catalonia, in addition to Barcelona, there were also actions in Tarragona, Sabadell, Lleida, Girona and Reus, reported local media.

Since Tuesday, hundreds of people have been taking the streets to demonstrate for the release of Hasรฉl. The rapper was arrested on Tuesday after being sentenced to nine months in prison in 2018 for desecration of majesty and glorification of violence and terrorism in his texts.

Hasรฉl refused to go to prison and was holed up in the university of his hometown Lleida. Many protesters call his arrest a restriction on freedom of expression in Spain.