343 Industries promised to fix Halo Infinite multiplayer problems

Brian Jarrad, Community Director at 343 Industries, promised to pay attention to players complaints regarding Halo Infinite multiplayer. Users are dissatisfied with several points at the same time โ€” in particular, the slow progress system, which has recently been accelerated. In addition, the first temporary event Fracture: Tenrai, in which you could get samurai armor, was also displeased.

It, like some other rewards, could be earned by completing specific challenges, rather than participating in the event itself. If a player completed all the tasks of the week, they had to wait for the next update โ€” but someone did not have time to reach their goals at all.

The quests of the event were mixed with the usual ones, causing confusion among the fighters. In addition, some of the challenges were too difficult for newcomers.

Users will be able to participate in the event more than once, as they plan to activate it six times in the first season, but the second launch will take place only in January 2022. And the first week ended on November 23.

Premium cosmetics could also be purchased in the store for real money, and the armor pack cost 2,000 credits, or 14. 39 euros (roughly 1,200 rubles).

Players were confused not only by the price, but also by the small number of items themselves, which had to spend too much time opening. Apparently, these are the problems that Jarrad promised to draw attention to, noting that the corrections will take some time.

Moreover, the team is now resting after the launch of the multiplayer. More on Gambling A user on behalf of Ubisoft threatened to ban Splinter Cell: Blacklist Resident Evil 4 fan remaster will be released on February 2 Rumor: Xbox found World of Warcraft mention: Complete Edition.