€37 million extra for guidance graduation students

Minister Arie Slob of Education earmarked €37 million for additional guidance for graduation students. The ministry will let you know on Friday. Students are also allowed to get an insufficient one for one extra course.

The central final exams are going on this year. Because pupils have been less able to prepare themselves because of the coronacrisis, schools can provide extra guidance with the money. There will also be an online platform with explanations of exam material, recent exams and webinars, according to the Minister.

Pupils may also obtain an insufficient one for one additional course, provided that it is not a core subject such as Dutch, English or mathematics and the student can still succeed by removing the course. Students can decide at what time in the exams they use the extra insufficient.

All the imperfections remain on the list of numbers. Further training will look at what more is needed to eliminate delays. So if you succeed with a five in biology, you can go to study medicine. Students should also not refuse training if they are lagging behind. Agreements have been made on this, according to Slob.

There will also be two periods in which students can take the final exams. This allows them to take all the exams if they are ill during the first block or have to be quarantined because of the coronavirus. They can choose to move an exam to the second block to give them more preparation time. In addition, they get an additional re-chance.