3FM Serious Request raises 1,601,923 euro for Red Cross

Serious Request: The Lifeline has raised 1,601,923 euros this year. The amount of the annual fundraising campaign of NPO 3FM was announced on Thursday evening at Twenthe Airport, where the DJs have been in lockdown since Friday. It is almost 200,000 euros more than last year.

This year the action, which took place in the Glass House until three years ago, was very different because of the coronapandemic. The DJs locked up in the hangar of the airport and had to keep radio work and a treadmill running 24 hours a day. Together with Sander Hoogendoorn, Sophie Hijlkema, Frank van der Lende, Eva Koreman, Rob Janssen and Wijnand Speelman, listeners could walk coronaproof. People could also collect or donate money with self-conceived actions in exchange for a picture.

The money is for the Red Chastity. The organisation wants to reduce the pressure on healthcare personnel at home and abroad and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Last year, when radio DJs travelled through the country in duos, the fundraiser generated 1,418,513 euros. Then again, the proceeds went to the Red Cross, to help victims of trafficking in human beings.