40 percent of the jobs away from Rotterdam Ahoy

Rotterdam Ahoy fires 40 percent of its staff. Because of the coronavirus burglary, the sports and auditorium complex had to close its doors on March 13. The relaxations at the end of June only offered very limited relief, says ceo Jolanda Jansen. According to her, the intervention is necessary to guarantee continuity.

Ahoy receives around 1.5 million visitors each year at around 500 events. These numbers are far from being reached this year, whereas this year with the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest should have been a top year.

Many events have been moved to next year, including the Song Contest, and Ahoy is also working on a number of new events. But all this does not make up for the losses in 2020. On top of that, the future is very uncertain, because because of the corona measures much less people are welcome than before.

“Best of all, we offer all our events a full stage again”, says Jansen. “We are discussing this with the government. We, as an industry, want to show that we can organise live events in a responsible way.”

Not the first

Rotterdam Ahoy is not the first major event location to fire people. Last month, 30 per cent of the jobs at the RAI Amsterdam conference centre were lost; 125 employees lost their jobs