400 arrests during mass protest marches in Belarus

For the fifth Sunday in a row, demonstrations against President Lukashenko are taking place in several cities in Belarus. According to the DPA news agency, 150 000 people have taken to the streets in the capital Minsk. At least 400 demonstrators have been arrested, says the Ministry of the Interior.

Today, the Belarusian opposition wanted to march via three different ‘Hero marches’ to the Minsk district where various dignitaries were to live. Lukashenko also has a house there. On Telegram, the opposition channel Nexta has posted the addresses of important officers.

According to local journalists, demonstrators managed to break through a political order, but the protest march came up against a new blockade at the entrance to the villa district. The Russian press agency Interfax reports that warning shots were fired.

The demonstrators then headed for the Victory Park near Lukashenko‘s presidential palace.

Also from Grodno, Zhodzina, Mogilev, Gomel and Vitebsk are images of large crowds. In Brest, on the border with Poland, the police used a water cannon to disperse the demonstrators.

There are massive demonstrations in Belarus against the outcome of the presidential elections on 9 August. According to the official results, President Lukashenko won, but the opposition is talking about large-scale fraud and is demanding new elections. Since then, Belarusians have been taking to the streets on a daily basis. Thousands of demonstrators have already been arrested. Opposition politicians have also been arrested or expelled from the country under unclear conditions.

In Brest, on the border with Poland, the police have used a water cannon to disperse the demonstrators. On Sundays, most people take to the streets. On Saturday, the opposition is organising a special women’s march. On Saturdays, the opposition organises a special women‘s march. According to human rights organisation Viasna, 93 demonstrators were arrested.

Lukashenko will be speaking to Russian President Putin tomorrow in Sochi. It is unknown what the two will discuss. Today, the Russian news agency Ria Novosti already announced that Russia is sending military personnel to Belarus for joint exercises.

Mars in The Hague

A solidarity march was organised in The Hague by Belarusians from the Benelux countries. They went to the Belarusian embassy in The Hague.

The Belarusian Ambassador Andrei Jeudashenko pleaded for reforms in his homeland at New Year’s Eve on Friday, but says he does not see the current opposition as the solution.