42 deaths in protest wave in Colombia since the end of April


the end of April, 42 people have been killed in protests against the government in Colombia since the end of April, the National Ombudsman reports Tuesday. All but one, all the victims were civilians, the other victim was a military man.

The Colombian Ministry of Defense reports that up to now 849 police officers have been wounded in the protests. The number of injured citizens has not been updated since 3 May and has been stuck on 306. President Ivรกn Duque says that the police have adhered to the Constitution and that violations of the law are being investigated. On Monday, the police announced that five officers have been suspended and 62 are still under investigation.

The immediate cause of the protests was a proposal for a tax law, which has now been removed. The government is going to make a new proposal that can count on more support. According to Duque, a tax increase is necessary to deal with the economic consequences of the coronapandemic. Trade unions believe that the poorest people are hit disproportionately hard by the tax plans.