45 escaped horses make a ‘full throttle’ tour through Weesp

Yesterday 45 horses that had escaped from an equestrian centre galloped around the centre of Weesp.

Due to a mistake the horses were suddenly able to roam freely through the city. “Normally we have a watertight system, but this time it went wrong. The gate from the meadow to the stable already opened, while no one was waiting for the horses”, says equestrian center owner Mischa Bleijenberg to NH Nieuws.

“The whole herd went into Weesp. 5 minutes full throttle through Weesp and then they were back“, said Bleijenberg:

Bleijenberg thinks it’s a miracle the horses didn’t break anything. “You have to check if they had knocked over a pram”, says the equestrian centre owner. “But you shouldn’t think about it too much, fortunately it went well.”

After a five-minute round through Weesp, the herd returned to the barn on its own.