49 people call for Henry Cavill to be removed from ‘The Witcher’ over his girlfriend scandal

A petition to replace Henry Cavill in โ€œThe Witcherโ€ has appeared on the popular Change. org portal, sparked by a scandal involving his girlfriend. Natalie Viscuzo filmed a video in 2012 in support of the fight against water shortages in Namibia, and a photo from the shoot many users started calling โ€œblackfaceโ€ (i.

e. , when a white man grimated under dark-skinned), resenting the situation.

At the same time, the girl‘s face is not โ€œsmearedโ€, but with a special dark brown suncream, only the body is covered with a special dark brown suncream. But critics at the network have shown enough of that too, as did the fact that Viscuzo wears traditional garb of locals.

The latter, too, sparked resentment on the network. As a result, users began to criticize Cavill’s girl, calling for her to apologize, and later demanded the actor‘s suspension from the popular series, which led to the very The petition.

So far, it is not popular โ€” fewer than 100 people have signed it. More on Gaming Terabyte, come! A review of SSD’s WD Blue SN550 and Black SN850 on PCIe 3.

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