5 month baby died after attack aggressive magpie in Australian park

In a park in Brisbane, Australia, a five-month-old baby died after a magpie attack. Her mother tried to dodge the animal and tripped causing the baby to fall to the ground.

Because of the fall, the baby, named Mia, suffered serious head injuries. The baby was taken to the hospital, where she died not much later. The incident happened in front of the fathers eyes.

Warning signs

In the breeding season magpies can become very territorial. If passers-by get too close to their nest, the animals can attack.

The Sydney city council caught the aggressive bird. The bird would have harassed several residents. Warning signs are now in the park.


The Australian magpie does not look like the European version at all. The animal is a lot larger (as much as 40 centimeters) and belongs to the organ bird family.