50 cows stolen from pasture Belgium

Fifty cows were stolen from a meadow in Laiche in the south of Belgium on Friday night. The remarkable theft must have taken place between Friday evening 21:30 and Saturday 4:30 p.m. Shortly before that time, the landowner had seen his cows in the meadow. The damage is in the thousands of euros.

Neighborhood residents say they saw lights on around four o‘clock Friday night, but no one could catch the thieves in the act. The prosecutor’s office has started an investigation, but according to Nieuwsblad it is feared that the animals have already been transported abroad.

According to the Boerenbond, this is a rare theft case. It has happened that one or two animals are stolen from a meadow, but never so much. โ€œYou also need different people and several trucks to tranship so many animals,โ€ says Vanessa Saenen, spokesperson of the Boerenbond. โ€œThe cows are, of course, earmarked. If they are slaughtered abroad, those eartags will appear. But perhaps the slaughter will happen illegally.โ€

The cows are of the Salers breed and have an average value of about 1,500 euros, depending on how mature the animal is. โ€œFor that farmer, this means a huge loss anyway.โ€