500.000 people evacuated in Oregon because of forest fires

More than 500 000 people have been evacuated in the American state of Oregon because of forest fires. That is more than 10% of all inhabitants of the state, with a population of around 4.2 million.

In the state, in the northwest of the country, several large nature fires have been raging for days. These are fuelled by the strong winds. There are also high temperatures. The towns of Detroit, Blue River, Vida, Phoenix and Talent have been hit hard.

The local authorities suspect that the fires have been set and have investigated them. At least four people died in the fires. According to the police, more bodies are likely to be discovered if burnt-out houses are searched.

California is also the scene of major natural fires. They cost the lives of at least ten people. Sixteen people have been reported missing.

Due to the forest fires in California, the sky above San Francisco turns hauntingly orange.