505 Games to act as publisher of Serial Cleaners

Polish studio Draw Distance announced a new partnership. The publisher of the future Serial Cleaners game was 505 Games. It will release a sequel to the popular Serial Cleaner in early 2022 on PC and consoles.

Under the terms of 505 Games, it takes over marketing and advertising of the game and serves as its global publisher. Both intellectual property, Serial Cleaners and Serial Cleaner, the Italian company if desired will be able to buy back within two years of the premiere of Serial Cleaners.

Draw Distance gets a one-time financial injection and several payments upon completion of certain product milestones. Once 505 Games returns its investment from sales, the studio will also start earning interest on its revenue.

This is not the first time 505 Games has taken on Polish games. The company has already published, among others, Ghostrunner, Drift21 and Rogue Spirit and is about to release Oddyssey: Your Space Your Way, Signum Temporis, Unholy, Ghostrunner 2 and other projects.

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