50Plus disappears from the Chamber: Den Haan gets on and takes seat

Liane den Haan, the only member of parliament for 50Plus, leaves her party but takes her seat with her. She‘ll let us know via Twitter. โ€œAs a Member of the European Parliament, I continue to give seniors a strong voice, but no longer under the 50Plus flag,โ€ she writes.

Recently there appeared to have been a conflict between Den Haan and the board of 50Plus. Den Haan was the leader in the last election. The party lost three seats and left one.

According to the board, under the leadership of former Senator Jan Nagel, the loss of seats was due to the performance of Den Haan. It would have single-handedly changed the party’s AOW position and openly argued with the number three on the list.

Nagel calls Den Haan‘s decision to leave with seat and all โ€œindecent and the ultimate seat robberyโ€. According to him, she owes the seat solely to the strong brand 50Plus.


her turn, Den Haan wrote in an evaluation, which became public yesterday, that she was sabotaged, bullied and intimidated by the board. Her conclusion is that 50Plus is best known as โ€œquarrel.โ€

Initially, Den Haan said that she would only consider her position after next Saturday’s membership meeting, but she has already made the decision. She remains in the House of Representatives, but now as the only representative of the Group Den Haan.

Continuous quarrels

This removes 50Plus from the House of Representatives. In 2012, the party came to parliament for the first time. Under the leader Henk Krol, two seats were taken. Due to internal quarrels, that group fell apart after a number of years, but two seats were made profit in the 2017 elections.

In the last reign, the quarrels within 50Plus continued. This led to the resign of Henk Krol, who was going to form his own group. The remaining three MPs did not stand for election in the last elections because they also had a conflict with the board of the party.

According to former chairman Geert Dales, who had to clear the field after a conflict, 50Plus is now dead. โ€œThe main stage, the House of Representatives is gone. The main programme point of the party, a good pension, is not in the City Council of Appelscha but at the Binnenhof.โ€

Den Haan explained her departure on Twitter: