50Plus tuner doesnt think climate is nearly as important as average voter

Most Dutch people who are considering voting on 50Plus do not consider climate to be one of the most important issues in the elections. This is evidenced by research by Ipsos, commissioned by Nieuwsuur.

On average, Dutch voters consider climate the second most important electoral theme. But 50Plus voters attach greater importance to pensions and care for the elderly.

Both the 50Plus group and the entire group of respondents consider care the most important theme. Four to five out of ten put it in the top 3 of the issues that the elections should be about:

Less than one in six of the respondents who claim to vote 50Plus put climate and sustainability in the top 3. โ€œThemes such as housing market and climate play much less for the 50Plus supporters,โ€ says IPSOS researcher Sjoerd van Heck.

In the election programme, 50Plus calls climate change โ€œa threat to societyโ€ that โ€œdeserves more attentionโ€. The party โ€œwants to keep the world livable for present and future generationsโ€ through โ€œthe development of powerful new technologyโ€.

‘Do not reduce pensions’

A theme that is very important to both the party and the constituents, is pensions. Ipsos specifically put forward the argument that pensions should never be reduced. About 40% of all voters fully agree with this, compared with 70% of the 50Plus voters.

Almost no 50Plus voters questioned disagree with the argument. Van Heck: โ€œThe average voter also believes that pensions should not be challenged, but the 50Plus constituency is much more pronounced.โ€