538 Orange-feast tickets for thousands of euros from hand

Radio 538 warns of scammers who offer tickets for the great Orange Festival that takes place in Breda on Saturday 24 April. โ€œOur tickets are personalized, and therefore non-transferableโ€, reports a spokesman on Friday.

The only official sales channels for tickets of the so-called 538 Orange Day, which is part of Fieldlabs, are 538.nl and Vakantieauctions. โ€œAll tickets on 538.nl are now sold outโ€, says the saywoman. โ€œOnly Friday tickets will be auctioned at Vakantieauctions, the proceeds of this will go entirely to the Food Bank.โ€

These tickets seem to be getting rid of hundreds or even thousands of euros. Over the last few days, more than 1 million tickets were requested via the website 538.nl. In total, ten thousand cards were available. The tickets have been awarded in the last few days by means of draw.

Furious catering

The event takes place at the Chassรฉveld in Breda. Catering entrepreneurs in the city reacted furiously to the test event. They felt shocked that a major event could take place in the city, while they were not allowed to receive guests for months because of the corona measures. Radio 538 and Bredase hospitality will soon discuss how they can work together.

OMT member and epidemiologist Jan Kluytmans is concerned about the possible contamination of the large number of visitors. โ€œI think ten thousand people are a big step. Testing gives you a lot of positive results, but not all of them, dozens of people who are contagious,โ€ says Kluytmans at BNR. โ€œIm worried about that anyway. From the control perspective, I find that risky.โ€