600 people in the picture for help getting away from Afghanistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently in contact with some 600 people about evacuation from Afghanistan with Dutch help.

They are mostly Dutch, status holders and family members who are eligible for family reunification. There are about 500 people in the picture of this group.

In addition, two local embassy staff and some 23 Afghan staff from the European Union, NATO or the United Nations, are about who has been agreed to come to the Netherlands.

56 Afghans would also be eligible for evacuation because they fall under the motion of D66 MP Belhaj. This motion calls for help to Afghan chefs and guards of Dutch missions, judicial staff, drivers, journalists and employees of Dutch development projects, for example.

A Foreign Affairs spokesperson stresses that it is a โ€œdynamic listโ€ of names, which are also removed from people and others are added.

Call Team

A call team of 50 employees are trying to stay in touch with this group, says a ministry spokesperson, who stresses that evacuations are still going to stop until further notice.

Demissionary Minister Kaag today called it โ€œthe top priorityโ€ to enable new evacuations. She has been in Qatar, Pakistan and Turkey for the past few days to talk about that.

Since the Talibans takeover, Dutch aircraft took over 2,500 people. Of them, 1600 people had their final destination in the Netherlands. Last Tuesday, the international evacuation operation from Kabul came to an end.