61-year-old millionaire drowning in sea Barbados

A British millionaire who decided to try his luck in Barbados has drowned in the sea after being warned by locals not to go into the water, reports The Sun. 61-year-old Mark Smith reportedly had a $9 million worth of money and leaves two children behind.

Common sense

, we were still yelling at that man that he absolutely shouldnt go into the sea. He walked into the water and the current dragged him along,โ€ says an eyewitness to the British news medium. ,, eventually he noticed that he was in trouble. He called for help, but no one could save him. With a little common sense, you understand that you do not enter the water at times like this,โ€ added the local inhabitant.

Another witness claims to have seen how the millionaire lay sunbathing and then decided to dive into the water. He would then have been flooded by a large wave and not float up again.

After a fearful search, Smiths body was found on the coast of Saint James on Monday, according to The Sun. A business partner and a close friend then identified the body.

After divorced his wife, Mark Smith left for Barbados and left his home in Sheffield โ€” worth 1.6 million dollars โ€” behind him. Opposite The Sun, Smiths neighbor described him as a great man.

Ice Hockey

In addition, Smith co-owned ice hockey club The Sheffield Steelers in 2001.,, Without Marks generosity, we would never have been able to close the season that year. That has finally proved to be one of the most important seasons in our history,โ€ says spokesman David Simms to The Star.