66 corona fines handed out in clip recordings of Famke Louise

News about singer Famke Louise. She recorded a video clip in a warehouse on Thursday, but she didn‘t think about the corona rules. At the recordings 66 people were present. When the police came, they all got fined. That’s what police write on Facebook.

According to the manager of Famke Louise, she was not fined herself, because Famke was only in a short time and complied with all the rules.

Rapper Blacka was also at the tapes. He put a video in his story on Instagram. It shows that there are police in the warehouse:

Famke Louise was earlier in the news about corona, because she said on Instagram that she โ€œno longer participatedโ€. She thought the corona rules were too strict. Later she took that back and deleted the video. Then she said she wants to help you give young people information about the corona virus.